We are East Texas only Programmatic Ad Agency, we focus on Results not ad impressions.

Programmatic Advertising

We focus on delivering programmatic ads to relevant devices consumers are using, not where we want them to be.

Mobile Strategy

Mobile-first strategy, our mission is to focus our efforts on devices that trigger our sight, sound, and emotions.

Brand Identity

Branding is much more the creating frequency across media channels, it is making a statement and an impression that sticks.

In House

We Plan, Create, Execute, and Optimize all our digital campaigns. WE NEVER OUTSOURCE.

Digital Presence

Programmatic is The New Traditional, everything you once did on traditional is now available on some of the most influential devices we carry.

Results Driven

Our team is driven by Results and not ad slots or impressions.

"Starfish Ad Agency is the best at Programmatic advertising. My practice has grown because of the branding and attention to details they provide every single day. Give them a call I promise you will not be disappointed in the results."

Dr. Travis Kendall,

Cross-Platform Digital Strategy

Reach more devices than ever before, while increasing market share. Target consumers on all their devices and drive conversions, not just impressions.

Analytics, Measurement and Optimization

Establish a unique position with digital funnels, data, creative, market share analysis and more importantly tell YOUR STORY.

Full Programmatic Inventory

We deliver more ad impressions across more devices and users by offering more than just a few ad units and placement.

Geo & Location Targeting

Drive more traffic by targeting consumers at locations and places they frequent by using geo-fencing and location base targeting.

Real Time Bidding

Optimize digital campaigns in Real Time, not after the campaign is over. Digital optimization is the key to performance and creating a data strategy.

Private Market Place

PMP’s allow a higher set of ad inventory across premium publishers through technology that increases relevant ads to users.

Our Services

We also manage campaigns across Search and Social.

Brand Identity


Programmatic Advertising


How Are We Different?

I was asked the other day why I opened up an ad agency and quite honestly my answer is that I just got tired of working for media companies. They measure their success based on their own metrics rather than on results, and customers don’t know who or what to believe anymore. A lot of […]

Utilizing Instagram Stories

Instagram was founded in 2010 as a new social media platform for image sharing. It quickly took off, gaining over one billion users in just 8 years. In August of 2016, a new feature was rolled out. Instagram Stories were introduced as a new way of sharing moments. They only last for 24 hours, and […]

Total Panic over Panic! At the Disco

On February 8, I took off of work and kicked off my weekend in Austin, TX for the Two Feet and Panic! at the Disco concert. I was so incredibly pumped to see one of my favorites up and coming artists, Two Feet, in concert performing live for the first time. It only made it […]

Unlimited possibilities, we never settle with just one platform.

We are on a mission to redefine how digital marketing and traditional marketing complement each other.
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