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Hey there, you are one cool cat… but you’re cruisin’ for a bruisin’ if you keep advertising like we live in the 50's.


Face it; almost nobody has a radio in their house anymore, which means radio listeners are in their cars. But now, cars come with Bluetooth connections for your phone, and some even come with Apple Play to connect directly to an iPhone.


Can you recall any of the billboards you have seen in the last week? They’re everywhere so why aren’t you remembering them? Because when you are driving, you are going somewhere with a purpose, or maybe you have kids in the car with you distracting you. You have too much on your mind to be worried about a pointless ad on a billboard.  


Ask anyone what the last TV commercial they can recall seeing is, outside of the Super Bowl ads. Usually, you’ll get the answer that they don’t watch the commercials. Or maybe you’ll hear them say they don’t even watch TV at all. Binge-watching on Netflix and Hulu has done away with the need for cable TV entirely. And now you can watch tv shows on your mobile devices as well, which means that some people don’t even own a television.


Where do a majority of people nowadays get their news? You know, that thing that’s constantly in your hand buzzing about a text, a tweet, or a like? Mobile devices have become the remote-controls of our lives, almost completely eliminating the need for printed media.


With a flyer stuck in somebody’s mailbox, there isn’t a sure way to tell if they are even seeing your ad. With programmatic, you can directly target an individual person based on their specific attributes, and you can see the engagement rates with those ads.


Managed Services

Wondering what we can do for you? These are all of the services we provide as a digital agency. From social media, creative, to  programmatic ads, we can promote and grow your business.



Need a graphic for a social post? How about a rich media ad? Maybe you just want to put together a promotional video for your website. Whatever it is, we handle all of our creative in-house. From planning to execution, we can help your vision come to life. We also analyze all of the data so that we can strategize for future campaigns.



When you have been told for so long by various digital companies that they have “proprietary software” and that they can do things that you can’t for your own business, it can be frustrating to try and trust anyone else with your brand. That’s why we are offering you the chance to learn the skills you need to bring all of your digital marketing in-house.


"Starfish Ad Agency is the best at programmatic advertising. My practice has grown because of the branding and attention to details they provide every single day. Give them a call I promise you will not be disappointed in the results."

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