Starfish Ad Age Longview Tyler Dallas Shreveport Agency Texas

Digital Chameleons

We believe digital professionals should continuously educate themselves so that we can stay up to date on the latest in the industry to better serve clients. One of the most significant differences we bring to the table is that we are certified to understand programmatic and educate others about it. Because people are regularly consuming digital media on different platforms, devices, and apps, we can utilize those resources to target your desired audiences better.


Programmatic Ads

This is where Starfish truly shines. We have the ability to digitally target specific individuals with ads that are made just for them.


 All of our creative is completed in-house, which means you are getting the best work made especially for you.

Digital Strategy

Our staff is digitally trained and educated to be able to create content that follows a detailed digital strategy for your branding.


We now offer digital training specifically designed to help you bring all of your digital marketing in-house.

Starfish Ad Age Digital Ad Agency Longview Tyler Dallas Shreveport
Digital Ad Agency Marketing Starfish Ad Age Longview Tyler Dallas

Industry InsightsNo Digital Confusion

We aren’t married to anyone, single platform and we are focused on generating results. We don’t call ourselves “gurus” or “experts”; we are digital industry professionals. Our focus is to build a digital brand across an Omnichannel that focuses on the entire customer journey.
Many companies claim to have a “proprietary software”. In reality, we are all buying from the same exchanges (inventory). The difference is that we optimize the campaigns and we don’t wait until the end of the month to find out what’s happening. We optimize them daily and weekly, plus we use the most important part; the data. Other companies claim to use that data but they tend to push it all aside because it costs them more to use that information. In fact, we are one of the few agencies that regularly educate ourselves.
There is much more to advertising than just Facebook and Google. But because people are consuming media on so many different platforms, devices, and apps, we are finding new ways to utilize those resources so we can better engage with your target audience. We don’t outsource any of our digital. It is all done in-house by our own talented team of graphic artists.
Starfish Ad Age Longview Tyler Dallas Shreveport Agency Texas