Fonts and Typefaces

Fonts and Typefaces

Designers take time to create dynamic projects by using trends and knowledge of what attracts people to his or her work. An important area of design is which font/typeface best suits the individual project. Designers look for fonts that will draw attention, remain legible and reflect the client’s brand. It is important to create ads […]

Understanding Digital

A lot of agencies and media companies typically teach their sales people how to simply pitch the product instead of actually teaching them to understand the fundamentals of the product. Their mentality is just “give me the bullet points and I’ll make the sale”. But the thing about digital is that it’s a living, breathing […]

“The Journey to Starfish”

When I first started in the marketing industry, I took a job as a media sales rep, selling cable TV. I fell into it by accident. I was looking for a job and I saw an ad that said “Make $1800 a month in 6 months guaranteed in sales”. I ended up liking it and […]

Why Does Digital Take So Long

We live in an instant society. Which means that one of the biggest misconceptions about digital advertising is that people think of the word digital, and they think instant results. But anyone who says they can give you a return in less than 30 days is lying to you; they don’t truly understand how it […]

The New Traditional

Recently, I had a conversion with a friend who has been in Traditional media for over 20 years. Our discussion got a bit heated about how traditional is no longer as relevant as it was five years ago. Frequency is no longer the best format in traditional. The dollars are wasted, why? Because, no one […]