Censorship & Cryptocurrency

Let’s start with the most recent YouTube announcement. YouTube is changing their guidelines to ban videos promoting the superiority of any group as a justification for discrimination against others based on age, gender, race, caste, religion, sexual orientation or veteran status. This will result in the removal of all videos promoting discriminatory ideologies. Users will no longer be able to post videos stating historically documented events did not happen. For example, the events surrounding 9/11. YouTube has already reduced the number of views by 50% for this type of video. The “next watch” panel will start to include videos from reputable sources instead of similar content only. Channels who repeatedly push the limits on discrimination policies will be restricted from running ads or using Super Chat which lets subscribers pay creators directly for additional chat features.

I’m curious to see how YouTube will interpret and apply their own policies especially considering they’re currently under fire for hate speech made by Steven Crowder (Louder with Crowder) towards Carlos Maza (Vox Strikethrough). Steven openly ridicules Carlos in his videos for being homosexual and Carlos has since received a daily influx of Social Media messages and emails including death threats. That’s the very definition of something that insights bullying and hate-speech yet YouTube is not taking down the content or doing anything to stop Steven Crowder. There is such a thing as good-natured ribbing or fun and people do that regularly even including racial/homophobic/religious, etc. slurs, but if the recipient is good with it and jokes back, then it’s obviously not bullying. That’s not what happened here.

I’m also a little unsettled by the thought that YouTube plans to “police” content. Does YouTube really want to step into an area of “censorship”? I say, let the Conspiracy theorists have their content about what did or did not happen on 9/11 or whatever other “well-documented” event that happens. Isn’t that part of free speech? Why does YouTube feel the need to “control” that type of content? It seems to me that they have an agenda and in time it will be revealed. Everything comes to light at some point.

Facebook Cryptocurrency

You read that right. Facebook has created their own Libra cryptocurrency and they’ve secured the backing of over a dozen companies which include major financial organizations like Visa and Mastercard, and trusted internet giants like PayPal, Uber, Stripe, and Booking.com. The announcement comes shortly after Facebook’s new update which allows users to participate in e-commerce through messaging products like WhatsApp and Messenger. They reportedly are looking into building physical terminals similar to an ATM so people can choose to convert their money into Libra.

The name of the currency interests me because it was a currency used in Ancient Rome and in Zodiac signs it represents a person who wants to create equilibrium in all areas of life. Is Facebook sending a message that they’d like to create a currency that is universally used and accepted? That sounds like it may be a move of Biblical proportions. Only time will tell.


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Starfish Ad Age Longview Tyler Dallas Shreveport Agency Texas

What keeps you creative?

In a word? Coffee. But on a serious note, it is a challenge to be creative 24/7. However, it is one of the daily requirements, being a graphic designer. It is important to keep things fun while staying true to the requirements set forth by the client.

Personally, I take a lot of photos while I am off of work. I also travel quite a bit, so I like to use my personal photos in the ads that I create. I go walking on my lunch break and look for cool images that could be used for backgrounds. Sometimes a picture of something seemingly boring like a gravel path can be interesting when added to an ad.

Starfish is a digital agency, so I also use the social media platforms that we design ads for in my personal life. I like to be able to keep it fresh in my mind how the images will look on phones or tablets. Each platform has its pros and cons, and it is important to be aware of both.

Plus our work environment makes easier to come up with ideas. We have a fun group and joke around when brainstorming.  Our more “out there” ideas get written on our chalkboard walls. One step into our office and you would have a chuckle at our antics.

I also like to look over ads that others have created so I can get ideas, but also avoid accidentally copying artwork others have done in the past. I look at ads that I have created before but try to make them look refreshed, and new and exciting.

Those are just some ways that I can keep myself in a creative state of mind. It is very important in this industry, and each person is different, which is what makes our company so great. We all have different perspectives and techniques that come together to create amazing content for our clients.

Starfish Ad Age Longview Tyler Dallas Shreveport Agency Texas

What to Expect Partnering With Us

When trusting an agency to build up your brand and grow your business, you want to know what you are getting yourself into and who you are trusting your company with. There are a few things that you will get out of a partnership with Starfish…

A Full Digital Audit

Auditing your digital presence will allow us to identify areas of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Digital audits align with one of our core values (hustle) because we work hard to continually improve. We perform an initial audit as well as additional audits periodically throughout our partnership.


A Customized Strategic Digital Plan

Many ad agencies offer predetermined packages that cannot be customized to fit your specific needs. One of the reasons we perform a full digital audit prior to beginning our partnership is because it allows us to identify areas that best meet your needs. We also continue to perform audits so that we can revise the strategic plan as necessary. In other words, as your companies digital needs change, we can customize the strategic plan to meet your needs instead of continuing to offer the “same old, same old.”


Personalized Advertisement

This specific area sets us apart from other advertising agencies. Many programmatic advertisers and Social Media marketers offer packages that only include generic advertisements they can use with any company. Our creative team produces personalized advertisements in which the images and content are tailored to appeal to your specific audience. Personalized ads are important for increasing brand identity in your market which aligns with one of our core values: family. We strive to produce content which will invite people into your brand’s family.


A Partner Invested in Your Success

We are more than an ad agency. We form partnerships because we understand that building a digital presence requires open communication and consistent effort from both partners. It also aligns with one of our core values: accountability. Partners hold each other accountable for their contributions to the partnership because those contributions make an impact on results.


We are invested in your success. Every ad, every post, every strategy, etc. is formulated from analyzing the data from your individual accounts. We are investing time and expertise in improving those results. It’s important to fully understand that we are making a long-term investment into your success. Just as social changes do not happen overnight, neither does a digital performance.