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Feb 25

10 Ways Instagram Has Changed Our Lives

By Caroline Herman | Creative , Data Strategy , Programmatic , Social Media

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Instagram has over 1 billion users, each spending an average of 53 minutes on the app per day.

Photography: helped the “selfie culture” rise up, and both professional and amateur photographers can showcase their work and get their name heard

Food: Now when we sit down to a meal, the first instinct of most people is to post a picture of their meal to Instagram. It also helps chefs and bakers and cake decorators to get their work seen. Restaurants even play into the new trends by decorating their eateries in such a way that attracts these influencers. Hey, free advertising.
Travel: influencers are paid to post “reviews” of destinations “Insta-tourism”

Art: museums used to specify “no photography” but now there are pop-up museums all over the world dedicated to being social media friendly.
Nature: We have started to view going outside as an aesthetic experience instead of genuinely enjoying the outdoors.
Marketing is now done on social media more than in a traditional sense because that is where the ideal audiences lie.
Journaling is no longer a messy book only for the creator’s eyes; it’s an entire Instagram art form.

Fitness: some may even say that the amount of fitstagrammer’s promoting health and fitness is at a dangerous level.
General life experiences are now amplified because of things like Instagram Stories, which let you document even the most mundane events in your life for all of the world to see.

Diversified beauty standards

Flat lay phenomenon- Still life photography has always been popular, but now showing off the contents of your purse or the layout of your desk in an aerial type shot is trending. Simple and visually pleasing, flat lays artfully showcase these overhead product shots.

Brands have developed entirely on Instagram, bypassing traditional advertising and marketing, they are able to attract new business simply by the amount of likes and follows they get on social media. (Frank Body and Daniel Wellington)

Virtual influencers, completely digitally created, have taken Instagram by storm. (Shudu Gram and Miquela Sousa)

Feb 04

Why Does Digital Take So Long

By Abel Sanchez | Brand Strategy , Creative , Data Strategy , Programmatic , Search , Social Media

We live in an instant society. Which means that one of the biggest misconceptions about digital advertising is that people think of the word digital, and they think instant results. But anyone who says they can give you a return in less than 30 days is lying to you; they don’t truly understand how it all works. Like the competitor, we could also promise to get you leads. But those leads don’t matter in the long run, unless you’re also seeing the results you desire.

As with anything you do in life, it also takes time to build your brand. There are so many different platforms to work with, and not everybody knows how to use them all. And if you think that just spending a couple of hundred dollars on AdWords or Facebook is going to get you the results you want, you are mistaken. Our job is to help businesses navigate through these platforms and help brands generate an ROI.

For example, we have clients that haven’t run a TV ad for six months, but they still have customers come in and tell them that they heard about them on a TV commercial. How is that possible? Time. Repetition. It takes time for people to receive your message, and what’s more, is that they also need to get your message at the right time so that it is relevant to them. If you were to put a commercial on TV, it would take time to get the commercial done right, and then more time to get it heard and seen, and then even more time on top of that to see the results.
Digital doesn’t just send things out to the entire market randomly as traditional does. It’s about finding that community that your message is relevant to at that particular moment in time. And in this time when everyone and their grandmother is on a smartphone, we are very mobile-oriented; meaning that we are highly skilled with social media and mobile friendly sites.
Our slogan is “in a sea of advertisers, we make you the star of the ocean” for a reason. Here at Starfish, we help your brand stand out. We target the right consumers at the exact right moment to get you the results you are after for your business. So let us make you a star.