#DigitalUnplugged Starfish Ad Age Longview Tyler Dallas Shreveport Agency Texas

On May 30th we had the pleasure of hosting our event, #DigitalUnplugged. First, I’d like to thank everyone who attended and gave us tremendous feedback, and most of all I’d like to take this time and congratulate our Starfish Team for organizing and keeping me on track. 

So what did we cover at #DU? To say a lot would be an understatement.  

Programmatic 101 was a brief overview of what programmatic looks like in the real world. You might not even realize it when a Programmatic ad being is being served to you on your devices. Mindy, our Sales Director, delivered an excellent review for those attendees who might not know what kinds of ad formats are available. Mindy has taken her understanding of programmatic and simplified it so we can educate others. Awesome job Mindy!

We also covered Social Media habits (good and bad) and why you should bring value instead of just sale after-sale… People don’t always want to be sold something, so know your timing. Tanya, Starfish’s Social Director, explained why it’s important to always focus on branding across all social platforms. She told us why understanding your audience inside these platforms is crucial for understanding what types of content you need to be pushing out and when. Tanya, as always, makes things look easy when promoting our clients’ brands on social, great job Tanya! 

Next was Caroline, who has of late has been in charge of making sure I get my shit together every day. Thanks, Caroline! She talked about chatbots and why they are becoming more and more useful, not just across social, but everywhere brands are looking for automation. As great as this sounds, be aware that these bots can also become a bit of a hassle to install and program to your brands’ needs. However, once they are set for your needs the number of features and functions are truly a time saver! Great job Caroline!

And then there was my presentation, a bit of a crash course on programmatic. What it is and what it’s not, and to learn to keep those two things in mind. We myth-busted a lot of the common misconceptions about programmatic and it’s “proprietary” nature in which it’s been used by a lot of companies. 

I have to say that my first reaction to some of the questions and feedback we received was initially surprising. Our audience had a much better understanding of how programmatic works. I’m not saying everyone walked out an “expert”, but they did walk out with a better understanding of who Starfish Ad Age LLC is and why we call ourselves East Texas’ only Programmatic Ad Agency

Our goal for #digitalunplugged was to provide our audience with a better understanding that there is a lot more out there in the digital advertising world than just Facebook & Google, and not having a plan outside of those two platforms would be a costly mistake. More importantly, we gave our audience the confidence they needed to take that next step. 

Stop measuring success with digital impressions. Results-driven digital advertising is not cheap and shouldn’t be treated as a “thrifty choice”. Cheaper is not always better, especially when it comes to your own branding.

With all of the changes to our privacy as device and app users becoming more of a hot topic, from the new Apple sign-in feature to Google Chrome upping the ante by blocking 3rd party DMPs, and ads making the switch from 2nd price to 1st price… Yeah like I said a lot!! 

Digital Media is a constantly evolving ecosystem and you have to remember that there will always be a new channel that people are tuning into too. Regardless of how you feel about digital, one thing is true… you can’t ignore the control that digital has over our lives.

Digital-Unplugged-Starfish-Ad-Age-Longview Chamber of Commerce
#DigitalUnplugged Starfish Ad Age Longview Tyler Dallas Shreveport Agency Texas
#DigitalUnplugged Starfish Ad Age Longview Tyler Dallas Shreveport Agency Texas
#Digitalunplugged Starfish Ad Age Longview Tyler Dallas Shreveport Agency Texas