The Truth About Digital Marketing Agencies

  1. Do you understand what digital marketing is?
  2. Have you ever felt like a digital company took advantage of you and your money?
  3. Have you attended an event meant to educate you on digital, but came out of it feeling just as confused as you were when you went in?
  4. Do you feel overwhelmed when you try to understand the digital world?
  5. Are you afraid to reach out for advice or help because you don’t want to get spammed with ads yourself?

Why are you wasting so much time and money on traditional media (billboards, phone books, newspapers, mailers, etc.) when everyone knows that digital media is the new traditional? Almost everyone that you meet has a smartphone and has at least heard of Facebook or Instagram before. So why aren’t you utilizing the platforms that are so popular with everyone? 

Before you come up with your excuses, just think about yourself for a second. Do you actually read those little cards that come in your mailbox every day? Do you feel at all impacted by billboards when you are driving down the road? Or do you spend more time on your phone or laptop reading through social media?

-Radio: Face it; almost nobody has a radio in their house anymore, which means radio listeners are in their cars. But now, new cars come with Bluetooth connections for your phone, and some even come with Apple Play to connect directly to an iPhone. 

-Billboards: Can you recall any of the billboards you have seen in the last week? They’re everywhere so why aren’t you remembering them? Because when you are driving, you are going somewhere with a purpose in mind, or maybe you have a distraction, like kids in the car with you. The point is, you have too much on your mind to be worried about a pointless ad on a billboard.  

-TV: Ask anyone what the last TV commercial they can recall seeing is, outside of the Super Bowl ads. Usually, you’ll get the answer that they don’t even watch the commercials. Or maybe you’ll hear them say they don’t even watch TV at all. Binge-watching on Netflix and Hulu has done away with the need for cable TV entirely. And now you can watch tv shows on your mobile devices as well, which means that some people don’t even own a television. 

– Newspapers: Where do a majority of people nowadays get their news? You know, that thing that’s constantly in your hand buzzing about a text, tweet, or like? Mobile devices have become the remote control of our lives, which almost completely eliminates the need for printed media. 

– Mailers: With a flyer stuck in somebody’s mailbox, there isn’t a sure way to tell if they are even seeing your ad. With programmatic, you can directly target an individual person based on their specific attributes, likes and dislikes, age, gender, etc. You can also see the engagement rates with those ads. 

Digital is the new traditional and you should jump on board before your marketing methods get you left in the dust. Things like those billboards and newspaper ads just aren’t cutting anymore because those aren’t the platforms that people are using to get their information. The exposure just isn’t there. But advertising on a digital platform… that is where your audience lies and that is where you’ll get the exposure you are looking for. 

 As a business, we know what it feels like to have “heard it all”, or to have been pitched yet another sale by a media company that claims to have a proprietary product. But Starfish Ad Age is composed of dedicated employees who are not only educated on the complexities of the digital realm, but who also know how it feels to be pitched a product, invest in it, and not have it provide the results you were promised. 

We have set out to educate, obtain, and acknowledge what truly makes digital marketing your most impressionable and influential advertising tool. We are composed of a creative and hard-working team of individuals with unique assets that help us deliver the best results for our clients. Starfish is always searching for the most efficient methods of marketing. Please be aware that we are always adding and omitting services depending on the ever-evolving market demands.

So what exactly can Starfish Ad Age do for you?

We offer a multitude of services that you can use to transform your business and start gaining the leads and customers/clients that you want. From social media marketing to programmatic advertising and everything in between, Starfish can provide you with the necessary tools to grow your business to the next level. 

We start by building a brand strategy that is tailored specifically to you and your ideal business plan. From there, we develop a map for your social media posts, advertisements on Facebook and Instagram, programmatic ads, ensuring that the content we are posting on your behalf is SEO friendly, and we even provide reputation management. All of the leads we generate for your business are tracked and recorded so that you know exactly where your marketing dollars are being invested. We also offer many different features of automation like chatbots that can be embedded on your website or used on your social media. These chatbots are fully customizable and can provide a seamless customer service platform without you ever having to lift a finger or type a single word. If a customer inquires about something at 2 o’clock in the morning, instead of you waking up and responding manually, the chatbot handles it for you. 

That list is just a small snippet of the services that we can provide you and your business with. If you want to know more, make an appointment with us and we can perform a full, in-depth digital audit to see where you are excelling and where you might need some assistance. We will give you a detailed report afterward so that you can be fully involved in everything we would do for you.