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As a business, we know what it feels like to have "heard it all". Starfish Ad Age is composed of dedicated employees who are not only truly educated on the complexities of the digital realm, but who also know how it feels to be pitched a product, invest in it, and not have it provide the results you were promised. We have set out to educate, obtain and acknowledge what truly makes digital marketing your most impressionable and influential advertising tool. We are composed of a creative and hard-working team of individuals with unique assets that help us deliver the best results for our clients. Starfish is always searching for the most efficient methods of marketing. Please be aware that we are always adding and omitting services depending on the ever-evolving market demands. 

Below is a list of the services that we offer:

1. Programmatic

Programmatic is truly the bread and butter of Starfish. You are probably asking yourself, "What even is Programmatic?" Well, it is a form of advertising that directly targets the relevant individual. To be more specific, programmatic are those seemingly magical ads that tend to know specific things about you and the things you search, love, buy, and talk about. Any time you see an ad that is oddly specific to you as a person, that is a form of programmatic. I know you're probably thinking "Yeah those things creep me out!" or "Lookout! Big Brother on the rise” ;). It's not THAT invasive, no matter how much it feels like it. This is all of the information that you've authorized in some form of the way to be obtained by digital platforms. Yes, you are are correct in that fact that it can be a little intimidating, BUT it is also a very efficient way of filtering relevant products to the people who will actually want/need to buy them. This a beautifully designed tool that can help businesses FINALLY reach their ideal, loyal consumer. You no longer have to rely on frequency based techniques or flooding your investments into advertising slots with your fingers crossed hoping that someone in that viewable reach MIGHT be interested in what you have you have to offer. If you had the ability to reach the perfect consumer for you and your brand, would you utilize that? I'm hoping as a business owner your answer would be DUH. This is programmatic and it is our number one recommended service at Starfish.

2. Social Media

Social Media is the driving force of most businesses these days. Without some form of social media, it is almost impossible to be a successful business. Social Media allows for any and all businesses an opportunity to really expand their business growth and target reach. Here at Starfish, we have a highly educated and experienced social media team that can help grow, optimize and set your brand apart in the noisy social media environment. Each social media platform has different audiences, tactics, and structures when it comes to advertising. At our agency, we ensure that our staff is well equipped to market consumers across all social media platforms. A successful social media page takes not only a lot of time, but it takes a keen eye for what each audience is more likely to be drawn to. Each business should devise a strategy for each platform in order to reach those target audiences. Content and graphics should be carefully considered when marketing on social media. Starfish is adamant about creating and delivering only the best campaigns for your social media growth.

3. Creative

Graphic design and content are essential to a brands message and how they target their consumers. Starfish Ad Age is proud to say that all of our creative is proprietary and developed in-house. Most advertising agencies outsource their creative to independents and freelancers. While this is great for smaller entities, we believe that creativity should be cohesive and held to the same vision and standards of the agency and the client. With Starfish being a premium agency, all of our services need to be held to a premium caliber. This includes the development and organization of our own creative team with the same parallel talents per the companies standards. We not only invest in our creative team but in our products as well. At Starfish, we don't just offer the run of the mill standard ad formats. We offer the most innovative forms of advertising technology that will set your branding message apart from others in the vast digital ecosystem.

4. Brand Ambassadorship

A brand ambassador is a person, animal or cartoon (like a mascot) that a company uses as a physical entity of their business. A brand ambassador is a walking, talking physical representation of that company's image. Some examples are the infamous chihuahua from Taco Bell in the '90s, or Peyton Manning debuting as the face of Nationwide Insurance. Starfish Ad Age offers a contract to any business who would like to create a representative for their brand to help promote their image. A brand ambassador can help potential customers identify with the company and the values they hold. For example, a dental office may hire a brand ambassador that has had a tremendous amount of work done on their teeth to be the face of their company. That ambassador may attend events, pose for branding shoots/videos, and run a digital or media presence geared towards pushing their company's legitimacy.  


"Where do I begin?? From day 1 Starfish introduced us into a completely different approach to help us grow our audience and target capability. They have been a breath of fresh air in an overly-complicated world of digital advertising. They made it easy of us and explain how and what they were going to execute for us, as a Sales Manager I don't have time to review dashboards, reports we just need traffic and they delivered. More importantly, they never copied and pasted any of our ads and they help separate us from all of the digital noise out there.  Thank you Starfish!! If you need a team of talented individuals that care about your business, I highly recommend you give them a call."

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