Programmatic 101

Programmatic 101

Programmatic The New Traditional

The IAB defines programmatic as “an ambiguous shorthand for some or all of a diverse range of platforms, tools, and processes in digital advertising”.
Think about it kind of like you are buying stocks. Programmatic would be the building and the DSPs (demand-side platforms) are the brokers that are buying and selling. RTB (real-time bidding) is the exchange and that’s where the magic happens. So you are essentially buying and selling ads in a real-time-bidding environment.

The true heart of programmatic advertising is the ability to directly target an audience. There is a vast amount of data out there that enables agencies like Starfish ? to deliver ads in a much more effective manner. Being able to provide relevant content, as opposed to unrelated ads, is what makes buying programmatic more personal to users. Digital is not traditional, and you shouldn’t purchase digital ads the same way you would buy traditional TV, newspaper, or radio ads.

Programmatic began as a way for publishers to sell their “leftover” inventory, and over time it has become a much more sophisticated way of doing business.

Many companies have tried to adopt programmatic technology, but they have failed to fully understand how it really works. For example, if you buy ads from Facebook or AdWords, you are already utilizing a form of programmatic, but there is an enormous ocean of ad tech companies and data points you must understand in order to take full advantage of it.  

Programmatic can seem complex…IF you are being taught by a vendor who only understands how to pitch a sale, and who doesn’t understand how it all comes together in a full digital marketing campaign. And with confusing acronyms such as DSPs, SSPs, DMPs, and APIs, it can all be overwhelming. But as the client of a company who is as familiar with programmatic advertising as we are here at Starfish, you can be reassured that you will see real results for your business.

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