Creating Typography and Logos

By Austin McDade | Creative

Mar 11
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Here is a look into how I create typography and logos for our clients.

I start out by sketching a grid for the letter size, and any special effects that I might want to use. The first photo is of my initial sketch, I don’t worry about it being perfect though because once I bring it into Photoshop I’m able to edit it freely and with more tools.

Once it’s pulled into Photoshop I lower the opacity so I can start tracing over the initial sketch with a rough brush, this is the stage where I fix any mistakes or just change it to look more visually appealing.

Once the first pass is done I go back over once more with a solid brush to make it as clean as possible for the next step. Now that it’s all clean I bring it into Illustrator so I can convert it to a vector image. This is an extra step that isn’t necessary if you like the way it looks in Photoshop, but this just makes sure that it looks good at any size and can easily be printed on any product and still look just as great.

If you are interested in my work, maybe we can get a logo created for your business too. Call us to set up an appointment!