Us Vs Them

What Makes Us Different

US VS Them

We are IAB Certified Ad Agency, We are not married to one Platform.

Full Programmatic Deals

Other companies tend to buy with “open exchange”. Programmatic has 4 different forms of inventory. The open exchange is cheap, but there’s no true targeting there. Think of it as a Black Friday sale; you are getting a $200 75” TV but when it breaks, you got what you paid for.

We don’t outsource any of our digital. It is all done in-house by our own talented team of graphic artists.  

Inventory Strategy

Buying Private Marketplace increases the ability to target premium inventory. We do occasionally use open exchange, but we use it for frequency and not for strategy.

One of our strong points is that we are certified to understand this product and to buy it and educate people about it. In fact, we are one of the few agencies that regularly educate ourselves. There is much more to advertising than just Facebook and Google. Our competitors only teach you to use the platforms they are comfortable with to maximize their own profits. But because people are consuming media on so many different platforms, devices, and apps, we are finding new ways to utilize those resources so we can better engage with your target audience.

In House Buying Team

Every media company claims to have a “proprietary software”. The reality, is we are all buying from the same exchanges (inventory). The difference is that we optimize the campaigns and we don’t wait until the end of the month to find out what’s happening. We optimize them daily and weekly, plus we use the most important part; the data.

Other companies claim to use that data but they tend to push it all aside because it costs them more to use that information.