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What Makes a Good Graphic for Instagram?

“What makes a good graphic for Instagram?”


In a vast ocean of visual information like Instagram, it’s very easy to have your work drowned out amid countless other users trying to get their content into the public eye. That is, unless, you have something visually stunning to attract the eye of Instagram users that’ll entice them to continue to scroll through all of your images, not someone else’s. 

What ways can you do this?


May I direct your attention to:

    1. The Principles of Design. In the age of information, many people consider themselves a digital artist to some degree, but what really separates the novices from the masters is the use of the principles of design in your graphics. These principles are pattern, contrast, emphasis, balance, proportion, harmony, and movement, respectively. Employment of one or more of these principles in your graphics is going to skyrocket its visual appeal. Remember, you want to give people something that is hard to look away from, but in a good way
    2. The fact that it really is in the little things. Static placement, lackluster/mismatched/too many fonts, and low-resolution images, et cetera do make a big difference in the overall effect of a graphic. You want to pay mind to all aspects of your graphic to make sure it is coherent -getting across whatever message it’s trying to convey- and artistically unified. Spend the extra few minutes or so perfecting the harmony between each element of your graphic. Making sure everything is positioned correctly, or finding the most complementary font you can. A good keyword to keep in your head while designing is “clean” -because even professional graphics that seem chaotic on the surface have a rhyme and reason to the chaos. Which brings me to my next point…
    3. Sometimes less is more/Keep it simple, stupid. A VERY common rookie mistake is to make a design way too busy and inflated so it seems more ‘thought out’ or ‘complete’. Thus, the message of the graphic becomes completely lost among plasters of sans serif and excessive images. Minimalist designs that are simple and clean tend to work far better. In fact, the industry has been geared towards minimalism these days.  It just goes to show that sometimes, the dreaded ‘white space’ can indeed be your friend.
    4. Maintaining the theme. Themes have been increasingly popular on Instagram, as maintaining one can turn the view of your entire profile into a pleasant graphic in and of itself. Themes keep the overall look of your profile cohesive and intriguing. Often the most effective themes are ones that consistently keep content original and new; it’s simply a matter of uploading in multiples of 3 so that you have clean rows of similar images lining up. Though it may be frustrating at times and feel restrictive, there’s no denying the effectiveness that employing this strategy can have for keeping a professional-looking, aesthetic-pleasing Instagram profile.